Department of Education Tanauan City 

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Torch - symbolizes the vision of education to provide enlightenment to all students

Flame – has 2 colors, navy blue and firebrick that symbolizes the color of the Philippine Flag. The blue symbolizes peace. In addition, the flame, forming a heart stands for genuine love and caring public servants. Flame like- color, indicates the burning desire of the City Schools Division to implement DepEd’s Mission, Vision and Core Values. The Division of Tanauan will continue to provide Well Harmonized Opportunities for Learner’s Excellence (WHOLE).

Stave or handle – the upper portion of the stave represents the four major districts of Tanauan City (North, East, South and West). The handle of the torch symbolizes the ten clusters of Tanauan City Division.

Shield - The Shield symbolizes steadfast principles of commitment, loyalty and protection. It also embodies the color Wrought Iron Green which symbolizes hope, strength, self-respect, balance, well-being, learning, growth, and harmony.

Rays – imply new beginning and hope. Also symbolize the Vision of the Department of Education.

Circular Circuits – indicate the continuous innovation and improvements in line with the DepEd’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Three Stars – signify Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and also the three major Divisions of DepEd Tanauan, namely, Schools Governance and Operations Division, Curriculum and Implementation Division and Office of the Schools Division Superintendent.

Apolinario Mabini and Jose P. Laurel – two main heroes of Tanauan City who served as pride and inspiration of Tanaueños for being “Makabayan” which is one of DepEd’s Core Values.

Green Ribbon – signifies “sustainable” school, as a safe, healthy and motivating learning environment.

Laurel leaf – symbolizes victory, excellence and honor.

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by: Marlon B. Malaluan